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Enhance Your Security Measures with Private Sector Group

With our proven track record of excellence, Private Sector Group stands as a leader in the security industry. Our investigative services and consulting unit are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security for our clients. Our security jobs are hand-picked for our finest executive protection agents to fulfill your tailored needs.

Daniel Mills, CEO and Founder of Private Sector Security Consulting LLC. With a remarkable background as a former US Marine and years of experience in executive protection, and private contracting, Daniel has honed his skills to perfection. Backed by top-notch education and training, he leads a team of elite professionals offering a diverse range of security services. When it comes to executive protection, trust Private Sector Security Consulting LLC for unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to keeping you safe.

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Private Sector Group

TSCM Specialist

Brian Jones, a true expert in TSCM and Private Security Solutions. With a distinguished background in the US Marines, Brian’s experience spans tactical operations, training, and international collaboration. His service in Iraq showcases his dedication to security and intelligence gathering. After his military career, Brian pursued advanced training in Executive Protection and TSCM, becoming a certified expert and firearms instructor. Continuously expanding his knowledge in radio frequency engineering and electronics, Brian is the CEO and Owner of Brian also contracts for Private Sector Security Consulting LLC, bringing in only the best for all security needs.